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Erasmus IP -GSS 2012


The project “Conservation Biology in Europe: building a coherent strategy for the future” is an ERASMUS Intensive Programme (Erasmus IP), in the field of natural environment and wildlife conservation, funded by the State Scolarship Foundation IKY. University professors from six University Departments in Greece, Denmark, Germany, Italy and UK will combine their expertise to offer a high quality multidisciplinary two-week programme to 15 undergraduate students in the rapidly evolving field of conservation biology.

The program (100h) accounts for 7 ECTS. It includes a theoretical module of lectures and seminars (30h). The module will offer participants a wide spectrum of knowledge that will be also enriched with concrete European paradigms on the most up-to-date environmental issues such as biodiversity loss, GMOs, climate change, eco-services, biodiversity assessment and methods for nature conservation in practice. The module will also integrate the socio-economic and policy dimension in conservation science, directly linking science with European environmental policies. Lectures will be presented in an interactive way using multimedia, including also open discussions and student debates on current environmental issues. The practical module comprises of computer laboratories (6h) and field sessions (45h). These will familiarize students with data analysis and offer them a high-standard of practical field training in situ. The field session will be held in the core area of the Pindos National Park, the largest mountainous Park of Greece and will include a two day mountaineering excursion in the alpine ecosystem (2500m).

The Erasmus IP aims to educate future conservation professionals in a versatile way: gaining field experience and acquiring a deep and multidisciplinary knowledge background on biodiversity conservation. In addition students will further develop personal skills such as team-work, networking and decision making skills, which are required required in the demanding professional life of a conservation biologist. All teaching and supporting materials will be compiled in CD form. Students will have to produce reports, carry out projects and present a written report. The Erasmus IP web page will be the main tool for disseminating information and communicating with participants.




Important Dates

  •     09 January 2012: Registration opens
  •     15 March 2012: Registration closes
  •     15 April 2012: Announcement of participants
  •     24 June 2012: Arrival in Ioannina
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