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Why apply?
  •     For  the Lectures, given by leading conservation scientists initiating you to the field of conservation biology
  •     For the Field Courses, which open a new window on your way of observing nature and how you understand local cultures
  •     For the international character of your diploma, as the GSS is worth 7 credits.
  •     For the scenic beauty of Papingo and Vikos-Aoos National Park
  •     For the experience of living for a week with an international multidisciplinary group of young people loving nature across Europe
  •     For your free subscription to the world-leading journal of Conservation Biology
  •     For taking part in the activities of the Society Conservation Biology in Europe and enjoying the benefits of Membership for a year.

As an Organizing Committee we hope that the Greek Summer School will shed new light in your philosophy of life and will be your first step in the exciting science of Conservation Biology.



Important Dates

  •     09 January 2012: Registration opens
  •     15 March 2012: Registration closes
  •     15 April 2012: Announcement of participants
  •     24 June 2012: Arrival in Ioannina
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